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To the white house have forbidden to co-operate with the Russian Federation in nuclear sphere

the House of Representatives of the congress of the USA has approved the bill toughening the sanctions against Iran. Now under these sanctions falls including Russia.
one of bill points for which 397 congressmen have voted, the interdiction for cooperation in nuclear sphere with the countries which support the nuclear program of Teheran is. It is obvious that Russia which is engaged in atomic power station building in Bushere, falls under this point.
however, the basic attention has been involved in other sections of the bill, informs TV channel Fox News. It is a question of sanctions against the foreign companies with the American capital which put means in oil and gas sector of the Iranian economy, and also against any companies which invest more than 20 million US dollars in development of Islamic Republic.
Also congressmen have decided to charge to executive power to find out, whether are the Revolutionary guards of Iran the terrorist organisation or the organisation which promotes distribution of weapons of mass destruction.
in the House of Representatives declare that oppose forcings of military intensity round Iran. we against to begin war, however sanctions should operate - the congressman from Republican Party Chris Shejz has declared. With it, truth, have agreed not all. For example, the member of the House of Representatives from the same party Mike Pens has told that after M.Ahmadinezhada`s speech he was once again convinced of the Colombian university that the power variant should remain one of possible decisions.
it is necessary to notice that voting has passed in the congress next day after statements of the Iranian president that its country has no relation to murder of the American soldiers in Iraq that Israel is the aggressive state, and in Iran completely there are no sexual minorities. All these statements were not pleasant to the American legislators.