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J. Bush has suggested to include Japan in UNSF

US president George Bush has urged to make Japan one more constant councillor of Safety of the United Nations, while numbering five countries. As he said, the USA are opened to prospect Security Council expansions.
we consider that Japan meets all requirements for constant membership in Security council and that other countries also can be considered as candidates - head of the White house has told, acting in General Assembly of the United Nations Organization.
we will remind that the question on Security council expansion is discussed within last decade. Germany, Japan, Brazil and India apply for a constant place in Security Council. However till now the question is not solved, it is how much possible to expand the Security Council, what countries need to be made constant members, and whether they in it should have the veto.
at the moment into United Nations Security Council enter 5 constant members possessing the veto: Russia, the USA, Great Britain, France and China. On ten members of the United Nations participate in Security Council sessions on a rotational basis, being replaced by each two years. Meanwhile the considerable part of members of the United Nations considers that the Security council has ceased to be representative, and its policy is dictated by interests of the developed countries.