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V.Zubkov: M.Zurabov wanted to change something to the best

the New prime minister - the minister of Russia Victor Zubkov has on Tuesday evening presented to employees of Ministry of health and social development of the new head of department Tatyana Golikovu. Before it he has thanked for the done work eks - minister Michael Zurabova.
M.Zurabov worked and wanted, probably, that something changed for the better, but, unfortunately, probably, rates of reforms have been chosen such fast that errors " have been done; - the new head of the cabinet has explained.
errors not only its personal, and perhaps, here are fault of other people close to working out and realisation of reforms - V.Zubkov has added.
at the same time the new prime minister has underlined that M.Zurabov tried purely on - chelovecheski to make work better including in the ministry, but errors were .
we Will remind that Michael Zurabov became one of three ministers who have not entered into new structure of the government. Together with it head MERT Herman Gref, and also head Minregionrazvitija, the former governor of St.-Petersburg Vladimir Jakovlev have lost the posts.
it is necessary to notice that Michael Zurabova`s leaving was the most predicted. On it insisted not only opposition, but even an United Russia which throughout two last years refused to demand resignation of head Minzdravsotsrazvitija from Michael Fradkov, but has thus scarified M.Zurabova`s work on the threshold of voting by a nominee of the new prime minister.
on head Minzdravsotsrazvitija the opposition has laid the basic blame for the extremely unsuccessful embodiment in life of the law on a monetization of social benefits, and also maintenance with medicines of preferential groups of the population.
we will remind that M.Zurabov fulfilled duties of the Minister of health and social development of the Russian Federation since March, 2004. Before, since May 1999. Till March 2004., it was the chairman of the Pension fund of the Russian Federation.