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J. McCain has interrupted the election campaign

the Candidate for US presidents from republicans John McCain on Wednesday declared that stops election campaign and leaves to Washington in connection with historical financial crisis in the country.
as transfers TV channel CNN, J. McCain has informed on this decision of the contender of democrat Barack Obama and has suggested to transfer the teledebates planned for Friday, together with at all to follow to its example and to suspend and interrupt the election campaign.
the representative of a pre-election staff of B.Obama has promised that the candidate - the democrat will make in the near future the reciprocal statement.
forces and time, which both candidates spend now for campaign conducting, according to J. McCain, can be used for work in the joint commission on struggle against crisis where besides them, representatives of both chambers of the American Congress will enter.
In the White house have positively responded about the initiative of J. McCain.
however, it is not quite clear yet the senator from Arizona under " understands what exactly; a suspension campaigns: whether it means full refusal of activity, including removal from an aether of pre-election rollers, or only carrying over of some actions, as the same teledebates.
we will remind, earlier both candidates for US presidents have declared support of the anti-recessionary plan. The plan of the state intervention in the economy, offered by the Minister of Finance of the USA Henry Polson, assumes, in particular, injection on the financial markets 700 mlrd dollars from budgetary funds and agency creation under the repayment bad actives at the financial companies.
we will notice that to the statement of the support to the anti-recessionary plan, J. McCain has had time to call into question efficiency of the measures demanding such considerable injection of budgetary funds in obviously long-term assets.
the Sum of expenses for the anti-recessionary plan has caused anxiety in investors. They believe that it can lead to a budgeted deficit of the USA. During the auctions which have passed on Monday, the basic exchange indexes in the USA have fallen on the average more than to 3 %, and the dollar has fallen in price to a seven-year minimum.