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Russia will re-equip army of Nicaragua

Russia will replace out-of-date arms of Nicaragua. The ambassador of Russia in this Latin American country has told about it Igor Kondrashev on air of one of local TV channels.
he has not specified, whether the Russian Federation will demand financial indemnification for replacement of the military equipment, or the help will be rendered on a gratuitous basis, transfers Associated Press. The ambassador has noticed also that plans on expansion of a military arsenal of Nicaragua are not present.
Almost all arms and the military equipment which Nicaragua possesses now, have been put by Soviet Union in 1980 - e years when sandinistskoe the government of present president Daniel Ortega struggled with the armed USA insurgents - the counterexpert.
the Nicaraguan army new helicopters, and to fleet - patrol boats, first of all, are required. The republic has disputable with Colombia a site of maritime belt in Caribbean sea.
he has added that in October 2008. The group of the Russian experts will arrive to Nicaragua to discuss other joint projects, in particular petrobasic researches in Caribbean sea and Pacific ocean and a construction of roads and bridges.
we will notice that else last year official Managua carried on negotiations with Washington concerning recycling more than half of anti-aircraft missiles being on arms ITSELF - 7 classes the earth - air the Soviet manufacture in exchange for the American deliveries of medicines and the medical equipment. However year after Nicaragua became the first country in the world, supported Russia an official recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
thus, it is possible to speak about revival of the Russian political influence in the South America. We will remind, on September, 22nd group of the ships of Northern fleet of the Russian Federation led by a heavy nuclear rocket cruiser Peter the Great Left from the main base of fleet in Murmansk in a distant campaign to coast of other Latin American country - Venezuela. During a campaign the ships will execute a number uchebno - fighting problems, including rocket and artillery shooting. After the arrival to coast of Venezuela the group will take part in joint military - sea doctrines in which course interaction questions will be fulfilled at carrying out of rescue operations and counteractions to sea terrorism. The campaign will last two months.
earlier within the limits of joint doctrines Venezuela was visited by two Russian bombers They are 160 which during the flight have established two records. For the first time duration of flight on They be 160 has exceeded 15 hours. Also for the first time in flight fuel refuelling has been executed: around Great Britain planes have accepted aboard 25 tons of fuel.