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Mass-media: R.Jamadaeva was killed after an important meeting in the Kremlin

by the Leader of one of the clans most influential in the Chechen Republic, the former deputy from an United Russia Ruslan Jamadaev has been killed right after an important meeting with one of responsible ranks of Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. About it to the newspaper Time of news the brother of victim Issa has told. He has explained these that fact that together with R.Jamadaevym in the car there was a former military commandant of the Chechen Republic, the general - the colonel in resignation Sergey Kizjun.
According to Issy in spite of the fact that his brother has left a policy and was engaged exclusively in a family, he very much worried about a battalion the East which created together with general S. Kizjunom. At the moment of an attack of Ruslan just came back from the Kremlin administration where at it conversation concerning difficulties which this has faced spetsbatalon the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation should take place.
Recently cases when fighters of this division tried to entice promises or threats in the divisions under control to the present president of the Chechen Republic to Ramzanu Kadyrov have become frequent. And though all who wanted to betray, already have left, attempts to affect fighters did not stop. Recently became more threats - the brother of the dead confirms.
threats in the address as Ruslana Jamadaeva, and his brothers, according to Issy, arrived recently constantly. So, ones and a half - two months ago from the Chechen Republic to Moscow, under its data, have been sent two cars with near relations of the Wahhabites who were lost in collisions with fighters of a battalion the East . The problem at them, according to Issy, was one - to kill big brothers of Jamadaevyh. This information the family has transferred in FSB and GRU the Minister of Defence, but reactions ostensibly has not followed. Moreover, according to Issy, protection from houses of parents of Ruslana in the Chechen Republic which was born traditionally by fighters " recently has been rented; The east .
the Chechen trace in yesterday`s murder see and in law and order bodies. According to the newspaper Kommersant in operatively - an investigation team working on a scene, all discussed motives of a crime anyhow connected occurred to opposition between brothers of Jamadaevymi and the president of the Chechen Republic Ramzanom Kadyrov. However generals supervising investigatory actions insisted on working out of all versions, including the dismantlings connected with business and blood feud.
as reminds the edition, since April of this year, after known collision of fighters the East with protection of the president of R.Kadyrov, brothers of Jamadaevy actually were in an underground. Younger Badrutdin from brothers and average we Promise, the commander the East have been put by law enforcement bodies of the Chechen Republic on the wanted list. Senior Ruslana also had occasions to be afraid for the freedom or life, as the River Kadyrov publicly declared all brothers of Jamadaevyh criminals and enemies of the Chechen people. Search of Sulima Jamadaeva has been excellent only after it and fighters of its battalion have caused a stir during war with Georgia.
according to one of close friends of brothers of Jamadaevyh, Ruslan was a brain of opposition to Kadyrov. we promise - real force, but he in all obeyed the big brother. To clean Halida (so in the Chechen Republic named Jamadaeva - the senior) is means to neutralise for any time of Sulima, and then and it to reach - he has noted.
thus the interlocutor the Businessman notices that special action against enemies of official Grozny has begun not yesterday, and on September, 17th when in Old Promyslovsky area of the Chechen capital attempt at the commander spetsbatalona " has been made; the West Bislan Elimhanova. I heard about events in Moscow, - major Elimhanov who with the shattered bullet a shovel lies now in military hospital has told. - me too wanted to kill, children literally themselves have closed . However, to discuss versions of an event the major did not become: It not telephone conversation . The brother killed eks - deputy Issa Jamadaev has told yesterday to journalists that behind murder of Ruslana there can be Ramzan Kadyrov: the family had an information that he prepares punishment .
it is not excluded that S.Jamadaev should become the following target. Earlier in interview he already stated fears that can share lot of the commander spetsotrjada the Mountaineer Movladi Bajsarov shot in 2006. On Leninsk the prospectus of Moscow a task force of the Chechen militia to which it has ostensibly shown resistance.
we will notice that communication meanwhile murder and yesterday`s punishment was tracked by the head of the remedial centre the Memorial Oleg Orlov. There is an analogy to murder of the commander spetsotrjada the Mountaineer Movladi Bajsarova who at first left submission to Kadyrov, and then has openly opposed it, including in mass-media - he has informed the newspaper daily. However, the legal expert has added that people often kill on purpose to cast a shade on their enemies. I can not exclude that behind murder of Jamadaeva there is the one who wanted to shake Kadyrov`s positions. I think, the main version will sound very soon so - O.Orlov has told.
other source of the edition in the Chechen Republic considers differently. After S.Jamadaeva`s heroism in South Ossetia it could not be touched. But Kadyrov has not got used to forgive, therefore and his brother " has suffered; - considers wished to remain nenazvanym the interlocutor of the newspaper.
with probability of 85 % it have made kadyrovtsy, - the head of group " considers; Merkator Dmitry Oreshkin. - The clan of Jamadaevyh supervised Gudermes and counteracted Kadyrov . In its opinion, Moscow has wrongly given to the head of the Chechen Republic of cards - blansh permissivenesses.
if the Kremlin cannot annually pay 1,5 - 2 mlrd dollars otkupnyh, - the political scientist has assumed, - R.Kadyrov with ease will go to sovereign swimming. It will select chinks and will nationalise the oil companies. And it will occur very soon. And Russia cannot oppose anything to it, as there at all does not remain federal power structures. the east safely squeeze out, and other agents of national security are subordinated directly Ramzanu .
Anyway, experts familiar with the Chechen realities predict blood feud and interclan war. The victim still had brothers, including the commander of a battalion the East and also the Hero of Russia we Promise Jamadaev.