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Iran will start in space

carrier rocket Iran intends to start in the near future in space the carrier rocket with the companion. It was declared by the president of the country Mahmud Ahmadinezhad during performance before representatives of the Iranian diaspora in New York where he participates in session of General assembly of the United Nations.
as he said, Iran has mastered technology of start of space companions, in the country are created two - and three-stage rockets carriers. The rocket to which should go to space, is supplied by 16 engines and is capable to lift the companion on height about 700 km, transfers Associated Press.
one week ago, on September, 17th, Teheran declared successful start of the first artificial companion of the Earth (appeared a breadboard model) by means of Safir carrier rocket. The first test of this rocket has taken place in February 2008. And, according to some information, has not reached objects in view. Successful start of a breadboard model of the companion into an orbit has closely approached Iran to deducing of own companion into a circumterraneous orbit the carrier rocket.
meanwhile M.Ahmadinezhada`s statements have caused serious concern in the United States of America which are afraid that developed by Iran at creation of the carrier rocket the technology will be used for perfection of ballistic missiles.