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V.Putin: About occurrence of South Ossetia speech does not go to structure of the Russian Federation

the Economic help of South Ossetia from Russia is a sufficient situation for stabilisation in republic, and speech about its occurrence does not go to structure of the Russian Federation. Such statement was made today by the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in Samara at a meeting with representatives of regional structures an United Russia .
For today from our party will be enough if we assist in economic restoration of South Ossetia - he has told, answering a question on republic occurrence in the Russian Federation.
Besides, V.Putin has noted importance of actual liquidation of border between Russia and South Ossetia which will allow to people to live easy and freely to communicate without formalities on state border .
the Prime minister has added also that recently signed agreements on friendship, cooperation and mutual aid create legal base for unobstructed dialogue of inhabitants Southern and the North Ossetia. He has added that it is necessary to sign some more documents on cooperation between the Russian Federation and South Ossetia.
it is necessary to notice that from the operation beginning on liquidation of consequences of a confrontation to South Ossetia it is delivered 11 thousand 666 t humanitarian cargo, informs the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation. Including 5 thousand 643 t building materials, 3 thousand 284 t the foodstuffs, 1 thousand 23 t potable water, 31,3 t the medical equipment, 114,6 t medicines, 672 t ware property, 157,8 t gorjuche - lubricants, 130,9 t washing-up liquids, 608,3 t other cargoes, and also 67 power stations and 26 stations of water treating.
as have given in management of the information and public relations of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia, for the past days in Tshinval it is delivered nearby 220 t humanitarian cargoes: 197 t building materials, 2 t ware property and 20,6 t other cargoes.