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In Pittsburgh collisions of antiglobalists with police

In Pittsburgh have begun there was a collision between antiglobalists and police, transfers Associated Press. It is informed that participants of unapproved meeting against the summit the big twenty (G20) have thrown stones at guards and baskets with garbage.
in the answer the police has applied tear gas. Demonstrators have been dispersed, however conditions on city streets remain strained.
on assurances of the authorities, demonstration was unapproved.
we will remind, at the moment in Pittsburgh there is a president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev who has arrived on summit G20 who will open today.
It will be already the third summit G20 devoted to an exit from world financial crisis. Experts expect that especially important decisions on situation stabilisation this time should be made.
earlier D.Medvedev has noticed that, if at session the big twenty It will not be accepted necessary decisions, through two - three years the world can suffer from a new wave of crisis. As he said, necessity of acceptance is obvious to participants of a meeting of some new decisions, that through two - three years the new wave of crisis has not covered the world in more drama scenario, than now .