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U.Chavez: Bush has left, the United Nations tribune any more does not smell as sulphur

performance of Venezuelan leader U.Chavez became One of the brightest performances on General assembly of the United Nations by tradition, transfers Associated Press.
having ascended to a tribune, the president of Venezuela has noticed at once that it any more does not smell as sulphur as it was in 2006., right after performances of American leader Dzh. Bush. the hope Here soars. It is necessary to give the heart to hope - U.Chavez has told.
acting about an hour at regulations 15 minutes, the Venezuelan leader has asked not to throw in it a boot, again hinting at incident from J. Bush and to allow to finish speaking up to the end. Thus in the speech U.Chavez has given considerable attention to revolutionary changes in Latin America on a way by a socialism, which, in its opinion, only also can save the world .
For understanding of processes occurring in region he urgently recommended to participants of session of General Assembly to look at a documentary film of American director Olivera Stone To the south from border which was shown recently on the Venetian film festival.
we will remind, on September, 20th 2006., acting at session of General Assembly of the United Nations, the Venezuelan president U.Chavez named George Bush a devil also has accused Washington of imposing of the will to the whole world. As U.Chavez has noted, he even felt a sulphur smell, standing on a tribune where in the afternoon before acted as J. Bush. he spoke so as if owns the whole world - the Venezuelan leader has told about head of the White house.
U.Chavez`s performance has led to decrease in sales of gas in the USA, made by the Venezuelan state company Citgo Petroleum Corp.