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The Russian Federation will achieve results of check of the nuclear program of Iran

Russia intends to achieve in the near future the concrete and checked up results concerning the Iranian nuclear program. With such statement the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has acted today, transfers TV channel to Conduct .
the Information that Iran throughout the certain period already erects the second concentrating complex without the knowledge of IAEA, is a source serious obespokoennostej the president of the Russian Federation has declared.
as he said, building of new factory on uranium enrichment runs counter to numerous requirements of the UN Security Council about, that Iran has suspended activity on enrichment .
He also has declared that IAEA should study a situation with new data across Iran, and the Russian Federation will help any accessible means.
we Will remind, heads of the USA, France and Great Britain at opening of the economic summit the big twenty today have informed that Iran builds confidential factory on uranium enrichment. They have urged Iran to admit immediately inspectors of IAEA on the new nuclear object located in 160 km jugo - to the west of Teheran. In case of disobedience Iran is threatened new, more rigid, than before, with sanctions. According to the American representatives, the confidential factory could be installed not earlier than in some months, and about its existence it was known not only the USA, but also to Israel
In turn, Iran has declared that informed IAEA on presence of the second nuclear complex besides a complex known for all in Netenze, and asserts that never hid it. According to the representative of Iran in the United Nations, if the factory would be confidential nobody would began to inform on it in IAEA And charges in attempts of concealment of its existence simply lie. Under the statement of the Iranian party, given about building of the second factory on uranium enrichment have been transferred in MAGTE this week.