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M.Ahmadinezhad: Iran is ready refuse uranium enrichment

Iran can to refuse uranium enrichment provided that leading world powers will give to Teheran ready nuclear fuel. With such statement the president of Iran has acted as Mahmud Ahmadinezhad, transfers Associated Press.
according to the president of Iran, Teheran is ready to negotiations with the six intermediaries under the nuclear program. In its opinion, October 2010 will be the most suitable time for continuation of discussions.
M.Ahmadinezhad has declared that Iran initially did not put the purpose to enrich uranium from 3,5 % to 20 %, but after refusal in the request for deliveries of nuclear fuel for the research reactor developing, including, the isotopes used in the medical purposes, Teheran has been compelled to make the decision on the beginning of enrichment of uranium.
M. Ahmadinezhad has underlined that the pressure rendered to Iran, is absolutely useless, and negotiations on which the mutual respect will be shown, can bear certain positive fruits. most likely, in October we will be already ready to the negotiations which are based on vzaimouvazhenii and justice - he has told.
in February 2010. The authorities of Iran declared the program beginning on enrichment of uranium to 20 %. Till February 2010. In the country uranium with degree of enrichment within 3,5 % was made. Under the statement of the Iranian experts, vysokoobogashchennyj uranium is necessary for maintenance of work of the research reactor in Teheran which makes isotopes of medical appointment. The Teheran reactor makes 20 various radioisotopes for treatment of cancer patients and works on uranium U - 235 with enrichment degree in 20 %. Thus weapon uranium has degree of enrichment above 90 %.
we Will remind, the USA and a number of their allies, in particular Israel, suspect Teheran under the authority of works on creation of the nuclear weapon. The Iranian management underlines that the nuclear program of Islamic Republic has peace character.