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In Moscow movement in support of modernisation on D.Medvedev

in capital " is created Today; the President - hotel there has passed constituent conference of new all-Russian social movement for the accelerated modernisation Russia, forward! .
New movement will be nadpartijnym, that is representatives of various parties will enter into it. According to the manifesto of movement published today - it plans to rally citizens for modernisation realisation. The name movement is not casual has borrowed from published in 2009. Program article of the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. we recognise justice of an estimation of problems of Russia expressed by the president of the country in program article Russia, forward! - it is told in the movement manifesto.
participants of constituent conference have selected today a movement management. Co-chairmen are selected by the vice-president of fraction Fair Russia In the State Duma Gennady Gudkov, the deserved test pilot the Hero of Russia Magomed Tolboev and economist Nikita Krichevsky. The movement organising committee included also a member of Public chamber, poet Andrey Dementyev, the chairman of social movement the Choice of Russia Vladimir Ryzhkov, a member of Federal political council of party the Just cause Boris Nadezhdin, deputies from fraction Fair Russia Valery Zubov and Anatoly Aksakov, eks - the deputy of the State Duma, general Andrey Nikolays.
in the program document of movement it is told about the basic problems of the country: despite separate positive sides of political and economic development of the Russian Federation in the country of the world richest with resources humiliating raw dependence remains, its technical and technological backlog increases, power efficiency and labour productivity and as consequence competitiveness of the goods made in the country is shamefully low. In Russia with its infinite natural riches more a population quarter still lives below the poverty line . One more problem is mass corruption, as the cancer tumour which has amazed all bearing designs of a state system, the destroyed morals, the morals which has led to serious criminalisation of governing bodies, perverted justice and legality principles - it is underlined in the document.
the movement manifesto criticises also one of sacred cows of the Russian policy. the doctrine so-called power verticals conflicts to principles of joint management more and more. For last decade in the country has occurred serious bjurokratizatsija all political and public processes, there was practice a universal administrative intervention in process of elections and reduction of freedom of mass-media, criticism and political debate - authors of the manifesto underline.
Vperedorossy system errors and serious warps in existing mechanisms of a country government which threaten the sovereignty of the Russian state, the future of present and future generations. In particular, in country personnel selection principles kuluarnosti when loyalty and personal fidelity substitute for itself all other qualities necessary for responsible state work even more often began to prevail, and a result of such development is the termination of modern Russia in nomenklaturno - the bureaucratic state . We will notice that round movement there was already a political scandal. A management an United Russia declared the intention to create next week social movement with the same name Russia, forward that to involve all active, it is modern conceiving people to the decision of problems of modernisation of the country . Competitors accuse each other of attempt to privatise modernisation and the president.