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The opposition holds a meeting in Moscow for returning of elections of the mayor

Today in capital has passed meeting of opposition with the requirement of returning of elections of the mayor of Moscow.
for the meeting resolved by the authorities on the Marsh area have gathered about one and a half thousand persons. Before the gathered have acted Victor Shenderovich, Ilya Yashin, Vladimir Ryzhkov, etc. Holding a meeting returning to Muscovites of the right have demanded to choose the town governor. Moscow - unique European capital (without considering Minsk) where the mayor is not chosen by its inhabitants, and any not clear people " appoint; - it is marked in circulation the Democratic choice to townspeople.
Muscovites are worthy to live on - chelovecheski. It is not necessary to invent a bicycle how to provide to townspeople worthy life. In all civilised world there is a simple way to force politicians to work for the blessing of citizens. If any town governor has not consulted with the work - let will give way to another. To the one who will be chosen by the people - organizers of meeting underline.
today in Moscow on quay Tarasa Shevchenko has passed meeting against the federal law reforming budgetary sphere. According to gathered, planned innovations actually make out legislative base under paid education and public health services introduction, breaking thereby constitutional laws of citizens.
this law breaks in the cynical image 43 - ju article of the Constitution which guarantees vseoobshchee accessible formation. It antimodernizatsionen - 2/ 3 population will be doomed to semiliterate existence. Contrary to desire of the president they not only will be not capable to develop new technologies but also to understand that this such - the leader " has declared; the APPLE Sergey Mitrokhin.
83 law antisocial and thieves`, it forms Inequality already from the cradle and steals the future from the Russian children quotes statements of the leader a press - service the APPLE .