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In Samara about 5 thousand persons left on meeting against an arbitrariness ER

In Samara has passed large meeting of opposition. On the action against an arbitrariness an United Russia on regional elections have come by estimations of organizers from 5 to 7 thousand persons.
for the sake of the action against an arbitrariness on elections active workers of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, " have forgotten about contradictions; Fair Russia and the Apple . Gathered had control over posters Edro in a bucket and Is not present to an arbitrariness an United Russia .
Organizers of meeting have explained what to leave on their meeting has forced removal of some oppositional candidates for mayors. Besides, from 180 independent candidates - self-promoted workers in regional parliament the municipal electoral committee has registered only 40.
the present town governor, a member apply For a post of the Samara town governor Fair Russia Victor Tarhov, the head of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources of region Dmitry Azarov from an United Russia Yury Kogan from LDPR and Valery Sintsov from Patriots of Russia .
we Will remind, in 2006 an United Russia has sensationally lost elections of the mayor. The victory was gained by Victor Tarhov who stood from Fair Russia . According to the experts, those elections have actually predetermined destiny of Samara governor Konstantin Titov which Vladimir Putin has sent in resignation.