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The British labourites have chosen to themselves the new leader from brothers - ministers

Today the Labour party of Great Britain at annual party conference chose the new leader after a failure on parliamentary elections.
labourites have selected the new leader the former minister of problems of a climate and power of Great Britain of Edward Milibenda. He has won inner-party struggle against the big brother, the former Minister for Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom David Milibenda, the former ministers of the government Tony Blair Eda Bollsa and Andy Bernema, and the first British black woman in Diana Ebbott`s House of Commons. In the last, 4 - m a voting round battled brothers of Milibendy, Ed has a little outstripped David, having typed 50. 65 voices. After election of Ed has promised in the blog that will carry out reforms in party which will allow to displace an operating governmental coalition on following elections.
opposition of two brothers was the basic intrigue of voting. It is literally on the eve of party conference the British bookmakers declared that E.Milibend has bypassed the big brother in the list of rates on the leader of labourites.
contenders Milibendov for leadership have already accused them of race that they have transformed election campaign into a soap opera. However mass-media notice, what in many respects thanks to opposition of two brothers in the attention centre there was other, more important theme - in what direction the new leader will lead the party and whether the Labour party can suffered shattering defeat on May elections to collect the strength and throw down a challenge in the near future to ruling coalition?
observers notice that E.Milibend has managed to present itself as the candidate personifying changes. Unlike the big brother who has been closely enough connected with a policy of Tony Blair, E.Milibend prefers to separate from a heritage of the author of the concept new labourites . Besides, unlike David it always opposed wars in Iraq.
brothers repeatedly declared that the policy cannot affect their relations. However, as well informed party fellows speak, the crack was outlined in a camp Milibendov. Ed, for example, has put a telling blow to David, having noticed during campaign that it does not have such financial support, as at the big brother.
also there were messages on a confidential meeting of advisers of two brothers which have ostensibly discussed variants of their cooperation after the announcement of results of voting.
we will remind that brothers of Milibend have Russian roots. E.Milibend has found the relative during performance on air of radio station Echo Moscow . During performance the leader has mentioned a theme of an origin of the minister, and was found out that its ancestors it come from Poland, and the grandfather was the Red Army man.
After that in studio the call was distributed, and slushatelnitsa has told that it is relative E.Milibenda and would like to tell to the minister about its ancestors.
It has appeared that Sofia Davidovna Milibend really is the distant relative English Milibendov. Its grandfather was the brother of the great-grandfather of the British brothers - ministers. In 1920 - h years the family Milibendov living then in Poland, was divided: one branch has gone to Belgium, and then to Great Britain, and another - to Moscow.
to Sofia Davidovne Milibend of 86 years, it the known scientist - the orientalist, was the leading expert across Iran at the Moscow Institute of oriental studies. She considered herself as last from a sort Milibendov and did not guess at all that it has English relatives.
during study the future English minister some times met a name of the Russian woman - the scientist with such surname, without suspecting that is connected with it the general ancestors. It seems to me that she was interested in that we with David do not so much, how many simply wanted to establish a family connection and to learn that she not last from Milibendov that one branch of a family lives in Britain - E.Milibend after a meeting has told.