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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov has accused Tbilisi of deliberate lie

has refuted statements of the Georgian party that Moscow has supported new offers on settlement Georgian - the Abkhazian conflict. it is obvious lie, it does not represent the facts at all - the minister has told.
he has underlined that Russia follows earlier reached arrangements in the given sphere. at first it is necessary to achieve a de-escalation of the conflict and to resolve a situation in Kodorsky gorge where the Georgian party has entered unforeseen the international arrangements a contingent - S.Lavrov has underlined. He has added that after that it is necessary to sign the contract on force non-use in region.
head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation also has subjected to criticism the Antirussian statements of a management of Georgia, made in Europe. it is attempt to change concept. After all actually it is a question not that the big Russia offends small Georgia, and that the big Georgia cannot agree with small Abkhazia - S.Lavrov has concluded.
also statements of the Georgian party for plans on section with Georgia of spheres of influence in Abkhazia were denied also by the ambassador of the Russian Federation in Tbilisi Vyacheslav Kovalenko. I do not think that Russia has plans on section of spheres of influence - he has told in broadcasting company interview Rustavi 2 making comments on the information in mass-media according to which Tbilisi initiated actual section of Abkhazia on influence zones - extensive Russian and small Georgian. In case of support of such plan Georgia, under the version of mass-media, will refuse the introduction into the NATO. Now, the Russian ambassador, " has noted; any conversations, very much many of which - invented " go many;.
that the information presented to mass-media does not represent the facts, the head of the time parliamentary commission on restoration of territorial integrity of Georgia also has informed journalists Shota Malashhija. These statements serve definite purposes. In Georgia nobody is going to lift an agiotage about it - he has told, having noticed that Georgia becomes indispensable a member of the NATO, and before will restore the territorial integrity.