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M.Saakashvili: Abkhazia - we will not give!

the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili has assured journalists that Georgia and never will give anybody Abkhazia.
to anybody we will give nothing, anything we will concede to nobody! - he has told in the evening on June, 27th to the Georgian journalists, making comments on the information of some mass-media according to which Tbilisi has offered Russia the plan on division of spheres of influence in Abkhazia.
let anybody will not have any illusions. We have a peace plan, and according to it we have offered creation in Abkhazia a free economic zone. I confirm it, it not the unofficial information - has explained M.Saakashvili.
in conclusion of M.Saakashvili has noticed that peaceful settlement of the conflict to Abkhazia, taking into account observance of interests of all parties, means trebling of the Georgian economy for one and a half year.
Several hours before the speaker of parliament of Georgia David Bakradze has informed journalists that about section of Abkhazia on spheres of influence of Tbilisi and Moscow cannot be and speeches. no section will exist. Each square centimetre of this earth belongs to the Georgian state, and nobody is going to concede any centimetre - he has told.
according to the speaker, if it is a question of specific proposals, the tactical plan is possible how stage by stage, step by step, to settle the conflict .
we Will remind, on June, 27th mass-media have extended the information according to which Tbilisi initiated actual section of Abkhazia on influence zones - extensive Russian and small Georgian.
in case of support of such plan, Georgia, under the version of mass-media, will refuse the introduction into the NATO and will give Russia full economic freedom in Abkhazia.