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B.Obama and A.Merkel are solidary in violence condemnation in Iran

the United States and Germany are solidary in condemnation poslevybornogo violence in Iran, US president Barack Obama after a meeting in the White house with the federal chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel has declared today.
as he said, shocking the behaviour of the Iranian authorities in relation to own people could not pass not noticed for other world, transfers Associated Press.
B.Obama has noted boldness the Iranian people in the face of cruelty having declared that the USA will always support the rights of Iranians to free meetings and self-expression. A.Merkel has agreed with a position of the American leader and also has noticed that Iran should not receive the nuclear weapon in the future.
the day before the president of Iran Mahmud of Al Ahmadi Nezhad re-elected on this post according to official results of elections on June, 12th, has declared that B. Obama operates, as its predecessor George Bush - younger, and should apologise for the criticism of the Iranian state.
the American leader has answered it that does not interfere with internal affairs of Islamic republic, but the event in this country is infringement general and international norms .
M.Ahmadi`s Victory of Nezhada on presidential election in Iran on June, 12th of this year has provoked mass protests of its opponents in the largest cities of Islamic republic.
the Iranian opposition which has united round the lost candidate the World - Hosejna Musavi, demands cancellation of results of voting which, in its opinion, have been forged. In postelective street protests in Iran 17 persons have been killed at least.
the authorities of Iran which first has admitted mass demonstrations, last days have toughened the position and have reduced opposition public statements to a minimum.
the Influential religious figure ajatolla Ahmed Khatami has called today judicial system of the country ruthlessly to punish the main rebels that they have gone against the Lord .
From the Iranian laws follows that to the oppositionists who have headed protests, the death penalty can threaten thus.