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The USA have directed to the government of Somalia of the weapon of 40 tons

the United States for last six weeks have directed to the transitive federal government of Somalia about 40 tons of arms and ammunition to the aid in struggle against insurgents - Islamites. The representative of the US State department has informed on it, wished to keep incognito to journalists.
According to the official, cost of deliveries to the governmental forces of Somalia has made less than 10 million dollars, transfers Associated Press.
this week the State department has confirmed that the USA give the military help to the official government of Somalia. Deliveries have begun, after insurgents from movement Ash - Shabab have started the next attempt to establish control over all territory of the country in beginning of May of this year
Civil war in Somalia does not cease actually with 1991. In this time in the country some thousand military men and insurgents were lost about 18 thousand civilians, and also. In Somalia there is no centralised power, and the country is actually divided into some areas with which criminal clans, Islamic groupings correct.
insurgents Ash - Shabab supervise all south of Somalia and take the basic positions in capital Mogadishu. In Washington are afraid that this disastrous African state can become a sound refuge for the international terrorism.