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H.Clinton has appointed the special representative of the USA on the Muslim world

US State Secretary Hillari Clinton has appointed the special representative of State department on the Muslim world. To be responsible for mutual understanding adjustment between the USA and Islamic community there will be Farah Pandit having long-term experience of similar work, transfers Bi - bi - si.
the Post of the special representative of the USA on affairs of Moslems is created for the first time. It logically follows from the new policy of US president Barack Obama directed on improvement of mutual relations of America with the Islamic world.
F.Pandit who has emigrated with parents from India, itself practises Islam, specifies a press - State department service.
we will add that at Barack Obama with the Muslim countries special attention began to be given to relations of the USA. In particular, on June, 4th the president making historical speech at Cairo university, has urged to construct new relations between the USA and the Muslim countries, based on Mutual interest and respect .
Thus the USA and Moslems worldwide should cease to be contenders and to start to divide the general principles of justice and progress .