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Democratic People`s Republic of Korea threatens to force down Japanese scout planes

the Authorities of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea have made the statement that they will ruthlessly force down all Japanese prospecting planes which it is got into air space of the North Korea. These actions will extend even if they will break border on distance of 0,001 mm informs Associated Press.
the given statement strengthens fears that, despite a position of the international community and on the special resolution of UNSF on the Korean problem, Pyongyang continues working out of the nuclear weapon and the means of its delivery tested on range Musudan - ri.
we Will remind, on May, 25th 2009. The North Korea has made nuclear explosion. After UNSF has accepted the resolution at number 1874 according to which the nuclear tests conducted in Democratic People`s Republic of Korea are called brazen violation former resolutions N1695 and N1718, accepted in 2006.
the New resolution imposes additional sanctions on Democratic People`s Republic of Korea and demands the termination of nuclear tests and start-up of ballistic missiles. The interdiction for export from the North Korea all kinds of arms, and also an interdiction for import to Democratic People`s Republic of Korea all kinds of arms except for small arms is entered. Last point, according to some information, has been accepted on an insisting of China which delivers Democratic People`s Republic of Korea small arms.
in the new resolution the Security Council also has urged United Nations member states to spend examination of suspicious sea, air and land cargoes which go to the North Korea or from her. The Security council has allowed to inspect North Korean vessels in the international waters, however, without the use of force.