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Iran has decided not to break an interdiction of Israel

Iran has refused intention to direct in Gaza Strip a vessel with humanitarian cargo. As representatives of the authorities of the country have informed, the reason of such decision is the interdiction from Israel.
It is informed also that instead the Iranian delegation will go to Lebanon and will sit down on one of courts which will go to Gaza Strip therefrom, transfers Associated Press.
the Iranian Society of the Red Half moon intended to direct on June, 27th to Gaza a vessel from 1 thousand t humanitarian cargo onboard.
earlier Iran declared that military - naval forces of the Case of guards of Islamic revolution (KSIR) are completely ready to accompany peace vessels with the humanitarian help from any point of the world to coast of the blocked Gaza Strip. However only in the event that the boss of Islamic Republic ajatolla Hamenei will make the corresponding order.
we Will remind, on May, 31st and on June, 5th Israel has intercepted vessels with the humanitarian help for Gaza Strip with force application. During incident 9 persons - citizens of Turkey and the USA on May, 31st were lost.