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In Guinea for the first time pass democratic presidential elections

In Guinean republic in the west of Africa today passes the first round of presidential election. From the moment of finding of independence of France in 1958. The country lived under the power of military and civil authoritative modes.
about 4,3 million the citizens having the right to vote, it is necessary to make a choice of 24 candidates, including four former premieres - ministers.
the present governor general Sekuba Konate and persons from its environment did not begin to expose the nominees not to disturb to transition process to democracy, transfers Bi - bi - si.
the People of Guinea have supported independence of France on a referendum 1958. The Prosoviet Ahmed Seku Ture became the first president of independent Guinea. After his death the power was grasped by military men led by colonel Lansana Kont, kotryj operated the country with 1984. To the death in 2008. After death Kont in the country again there was a military coup d`etat, and to the power the junta led by captain Mussoj Dadi Kamara has come. In December 2009. On M.D.Kamara attempt in which course it has been wounded in a head has been made and is sent on treatment abroad. As a result control over ruling junta has passed to general Sekube Konate who has urged opposition to generate the government of national unity later and has appointed presidential election to June 2010.