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The authorities of Syria the Armed insurgents have accused insurgents of destruction of peace citizens

- Islamites have got into peace movement of citizens of Syria supporting democracy. It was declared by the vice-president of the state Fejsal Mikdad.
In turn the Syrian authorities have laid blame for destruction of citizens on insurgents and have declared that among wounded men there are employees of law-enforcement services. Under their data, extremists have killed 300 policemen and military men of the governmental army and have wounded about 3 thousand, transfers Sky News.
We repeatedly repeated that we will resolve peace demonstrations. But when over these demonstrations well armed people who use demonstrations supervise to kill the opponents, is already a problem - has noted F.Mikdad. It has rejected charges of the countries of the West that the government is guilty of murders of hundreds people during protest actions.
the General - the major of army of Syria Riad Haddad has noticed that military men of armed forces of the country received instructions not to shoot on sight at suppression of unapproved protest actions. He has noticed that it the big losses of military men and workers of law enforcement bodies in boestolknovenijah with extremists speak.
from the middle of March 2011. In Syria the mass riots caused by similar excitements in other countries of the Near East and the North Africa proceed. Participants of excitements demand resignation of president Bashara Asada and carrying out of political reforms. B.Asad has gone on a number of concessions of opposition, in particular has cancelled state of emergency which operated in the country with 1963., also declared wide amnesty.
the Syrian authorities rigidly stop unapproved protest actions, including applying army divisions. Human rights organisations declare that from the beginning of excitements during street disorders have been killed a 1 thousand order 400 persons. However, acknowledgement of these data from other sources while is not present. Nevertheless the USA and the European Union have entered a number of sanctions concerning the Syrian management.