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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France: the Authorities of Libya carry on negotiations with rebels

the Minister for Foreign Affairs of France Alain Zhjuppe has confirmed that between the Libyan authorities and opponents of a mode of Muammara Kaddafi there are contacts . Radio station Europe1 informs On it.
Contacts between the parties go. Certainly, I do not know details - head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France has told.
he has noticed that now it is a question of M.Kaddafi`s further destiny and the question of its stay in power is the core on a way the political decision of the conflict in Libya which at the moment has military character .
For the first time the prime minister has declared negotiations between the government of Libya and rebels - the minister of Libya on June, 18th Al - Bagdadi al - Mahmudi. Representatives of opposition then have denied this information.
we will remind, in February of current year in Libya civil war which has split the country into the West where supporters of M. have got the best has flashed Kaddafi, and the east supervised by rebels.
on March, 17th the UN Security Council has accepted the resolution which forbids planes of army of the government of Libya to carry out flights over territory of the country. Then the international coalition which has started to put aviablows on military men and the industrial targets which are under control of forces of M.Kaddafi has interfered with the Libyan conflict. After a while command of a coalition has passed to the NATO.