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M.Prokhorov: If will suggest to become the prime minister, I will not refuse

Michael Prokhorov, on Saturday selected the party leader the Just cause in interview to the edition daily has declared that yet does not feel itself as the present politician.
as he said, he feels the businessman more. it is necessary to go to regions, to communicate to voters. When already has much made for itself, for friends, partners, you understand that it is necessary to make something and for other people. Especially not all is pleasant to me that occurs in the country - the leader " has told; the Just cause .
According to M.Prokhorov, it is ready to that at meetings with people in its address can tell any muck. I as the general director Nornikelja both hunger-strikes, and strikes stopped. I know people firsthand. Know, when you not so happy crowd presses at factory to an oven, for which 100 degrees, sensations not the most pleasant - he has told.
Making comments on the future in the State Duma, the leader the Just cause has declared that could become vitse - the speaker or the head of fraction. It however has not excluded and participations in formation of the coalition government and even own premerstva. I well understand specificity of this work, and if to me will offer this post, I will not refuse. For example, a program part on economy I will write itself, I consider myself as the professional economist - M.Prokhorov has informed.
it also has rejected assumptions that at Saturday congress sounded basically grazhdansko - the left rhetoric: If it is a question of innovative economy the main quality - to develop the human capital - just occurs from an education system. Accordingly, if it is insufficiently developed, with economy there will be problems. We now live old stereotypes of industrial economy of the XX-th century though around basically dominates innovatively - service economy. Therefore that I spoke, at all does not change to ideas of the market, a competition, development not only economy, but also all other spheres of life .