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In Petersburg have thought up how to send V.Matvienko to Moscow

In St.-Petersburg have found possibility to provide the governor Valentina Matvienko the deputy mandate for its promotion in the Federation Council. As the newspaper " informs; Kommersant it can get to Legislative Assembly of a city by a by-election in area Okhta municipality where building " was planned; Okhta - the centre - a staff - Gazprom apartments.
however, under the law to declare additional municipal elections it is possible only in case of absence as a part of local council more than third of deputies that does its unauthorized. Around Okhta free there are only two places from 20. It means that for elections voluntary to combine powers five or seven deputies should, accordingly.
meanwhile public organisation the Ohtinsky arch actively struggling against Okhta - the centre And other projects of building of Okhta, today will direct the reference to the head of area in which it is said that ohtjane support its initiative, V.I.Matvienko providing the prompt departure to Moscow . But members of the organisation consider that payment of formal elections not assuming work of the madam of Matvienko as the municipal deputy, should be made at her expense also ask to take measures on prevention of payment by budgetary funds of imitating procedures .
last week the idea to offer V.Matvienko`s nominee in speakers of the Federation Council has been put forward at a meeting of president Dmitry Medvedev with governors. This initiative was pleasant to the head of the state.
as earlier informed Kommersant to a meeting in Hills V.Matvienko`s resignation in Petersburg was discussed by the assistant to the head of the Kremlin administration Vladislav Surkov. it was a question that Century Matvienko, being in the list an United Russia will pull it downwards, and it is necessary to clean it from a city, having replaced with the new person - the interlocutor of the newspaper has declared.
it not increase, and leaving aside. That case when the person want to clean. As it seems to me, the reason in a low rating an United Russia in St.-Petersburg - the director of Institute of selective technologies Evgenie Suchkov has assumed in the end of last week.