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B.Gryzlov does not trust in success the Just cause

the Speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov considers that the Just cause following the results of parliamentary elections can receive one - two representatives in the lower chamber.
making comments on Michael Prokhorov`s performance at congress the Just cause B.Gryzlov has declared that not so understands that such the second party in power. the party in power is that which has the parliamentary majority - the speaker of the State Duma representing " has declared; an United Russia .
And if we speak about chances for the first time on elections in the State Duma of VI convocation the law which allows the parties which have typed from 5 % to 7 % of votes will be tested, to have one or two deputies in the State Duma. I think that here this niche just for party the Just cause - B.Gryzlov has told.
absolutely other opinion adhere in most the Just cause . The member of federal political council of party Boris Nadezhdin has expressed confidence that after change of a management at the Just cause there will be a possibility to receive on elections 20 - 25 % of votes.
the similar opinion was stated also by the former co-chairman of party Leonid Gozman. In its opinion, the Just cause is quite capable to type more than 15 % already on forthcoming elections in the State Duma that, in its opinion, becomes very good result.
M.Prokhorov in the speech at congress has expressed confidence that to the Just cause it will be possible to become the second party in power, and in the long term - and the first .