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The international court has decided to arrest M.Kaddafi

the International criminal court authorised arrest of Libyan colonel Muammara Kaddafi, informs Associated Press.
the warrant on arrest of his son of the Safe al - Islam and the chief of the Libyan special services Abdulla al - Senussi also is given out. The management of Libya is accused of crimes against humanity. In particular, M.Kaddafi, his son and the chief of special services accuse of numerous murders and wrongful arrests.
the public prosecutor of the International criminal court Luis Moreno - Okampo has requested warrants on M.Kaddafi, S.Kaddafi`s arrest and A al - Senussi on May, 16th. the Office of Public Prosecutor has collected direct that proof that the colonel M.Kaddafi personally gave orders (about power suppression of performances of opposition), S.Kaddafi supervised over a set of mercenaries, and A al - Senussi took part in attacks to demonstrators - has noted L.Moreno - Okampo.
At the disposal of charge there are documents in which circumstances of meetings of three heads and their discussion of preparing crimes are resulted. In particular, under the statement of the public prosecutor, armies under control to M.Kaddafi arranged pogroms, funeral processions shot at demonstrators, and snipers killed parishioners leaving mosque.
it is necessary to notice that the investigation anticipating inquiry about the warrant, has been finished in very deadlines - all for 2,5 months after transfer of a situation to Libya on consideration in court.
meanwhile the decision of the International criminal court has been taken out against new attack of planes of the NATO around residence of the Libyan dictator.
two powerful explosions from aviablow were felt by lodgers of hotel where foreign journalists usually stop.
at the moment of M.Kaddafi`s attack in residence was not. According to local residents, to a scene ambulances went. The information on victims did not arrive.