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D.Medvedev promised to study revolutionary ideas the Just cause

All parties, including the Just cause should work over that the country was less bureaucratical and tsentralistski directed . Dmitry Medvedev has declared it at a meeting with party leader Michael Prokhorov.
thus the head of the state has underlined that supports some ideas the Just cause for example one of M.Prokhorov`s offers to return to elections of mayors of Moscow and St.-Petersburg.
one more idea which has caused interest of the president of the Russian Federation, - change of system of interbudgetary relations so that the considerable part of incomes of taxes remained in regions. M.Prokhorov has explained it, having declared that the basic quality management of life is carried out by mayors, but they have not enough money . He considers that also it is necessary for governors to transfer the most part of functions.
in reply to it D. Medvedev named M.Prokhorov`s some ideas revolutionary also promised them to study.
we will remind, the businessman M.Prokhorov has headed the Just cause on June, 25th following the results of voting at congress in Moscow. In the performance before delegates of congress M.Prokhorov has declared that the purpose the Just cause - to make the way in the State Duma and to become the party in power, which in the country there should be a minimum two . Thus M.Prokhorov has expressed confidence that the Just cause should exclude from the lexicon a word opposition as it associates with the marginal groups which for a long time have lost touch with a reality .
the Major problem M.Prokhorov named the termination of civil war, which goes almost 100 years . Among other offers - returning a minimum 25 odnomandatnikov in the State Duma, refusal of plenipotentiary representation institute (except the North Caucasus), returning of elections of mayors in Moscow and St.-Petersburg. Besides, M.Prokhorov has urged to achieve election at local level of heads of local police, court, heads of tax service, and also public prosecutors.