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M.Margelov: the Warrant on M.Kaddafi`s arrest - not a final verdict

the Special representative of the president of the Russian Federation across Africa Michael Margelov believes that the decision of a preappellate court of the International criminal court on warrant delivery on arrest of the Libyan leader of colonel Muammara Kaddafi - yet final verdict.
and the window of possibilities for realisation of various scenarios of the Libyan political settlement still definitively is not closed. But time works not in favour of the colonel - M.Margelov has told. Every day to the international community all will be more difficult for offering an overcoming the crisis way, and M.Kaddafi and those who else remains with it, will remain ever less variants of the device of their future, M.Margelov considers.
on June, 30th in Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) opens the summit of Afrosojuza. And Tripoli has a unique possibility to use this authoritative international forum for promotion of realistic initiatives.
Today all it is obvious, preservation of its political positions by M.Kaddafi, and his family - economic influence in Libya - is unreal, and - it is unacceptable for the international society not only for moral reasons, but also on legal - M.Margelov has underlined.
He also has informed that on June, 22nd after conversation with the president of the republic of South Africa Jacob Zumoj the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has given to its the commission as to the special representative across Africa to take part in work of the summit of the African union. M.Margelov takes off there on June, 28th.
Russia recognises an important role of the African union in settlement of conflicts in Africa, for example in Sudan. And today this organisation has the plan of an overcoming the crisis in Libya, acting peregovorshchikom between Tripoli and Bengasi, he has noted. During the summit M.Margelov plans to meet the chairman of the commission of the African union Jean Pingom, and also the president of the republic of South Africa of J. Zumoj and the president of Equatorial Guinea Obianga Ngema Mbasogo.
M.Margelov has reminded that the president of the Russian Federation accepted in Moscow the president of Equatorial Guinea on June, 6th. Now between presidents of the republic of South Africa, Equatorial Guinea and Russia close contact on actions on the Libyan direction is come into.
the purpose of my negotiations at the summit - to specify positions on peaceful settlement problems in Libya, in which basis - the announcement of an armistice and the beginning of negotiations between Tripoli and Bengasi with probable participation of the African union - M.Margelov has concluded.