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B.Asad: To Syria there is a real war

the President of Syria Bashar Asad, addressing to new structure of the government, has declared that the country is at war. He also has ordered to the new cabinet to direct led by Rijadom Faridom Hidzhabom all energies to mutiny suppression, transfers Reuters referring to the Syrian mass-media.
we live in the real state of war. Are surrounded from different directions. When someone is at war, all measures, all social classes, all sectors of economy should be directed on a victory in this war - B.Asad has told.
Besides, the president has subjected to criticism the western states. the West always demands, but never gives nothing in exchange. It has been proved time and again earlier - has underlined B.Asad. He has noticed that Syria would like to have good relations with all states, but a priority there is an observance of the state interests.
Making comments on the oath of the new government, the Syrian leader has urged to give to it to more time. As he said, the people will support ministry as soon as it will present the plan of political reforms.
when we are opened with our people, the people understand and support us - B.Asad has told. The explanation of their policy for ordinary Syrians becomes the Priority for new ministers.
we will remind, on the eve of B.Asad has signed the decree about formation of new structure of the government. The head of the updated ministry became eks - the head of Ministry of Agriculture Rijad Hidzhab. Some officials have kept the posts in the new government, in particular Ministers of Internal Affairs and defences, and also the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
as a part of the new government the post of the minister irrigatsii is replaced by a post of the minister of water resources. Besides, new posts of ministers of affairs of domestic trade and protection of the rights of consumers, external economy and trade, housing construction, and also public affairs are created.
in Syria since March 2011. Opposition of the authorities and opposition proceeds. The opposition demands B.Asada`s resignation, accusing the governmental forces of mass atrocities in relation to the peace population. Official Damascus asserts that under cover of democratic slogans in the country boss gangs of the armed terrorists supported by foreign radical groupings of Islamites.