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the List Magnitsky has passed committee of the senate of the USA

Committee of the senate of the USA on foreign affairs has voted for the bill about the list Magnitsky . The document according to which visa sanctions concerning a number of the Russian officials guilty are entered, according to the American side, in death of lawyer Sergey Magnitsky, has been accepted unanimously, transfers Reuters.
the bill has passed committee on foreign affairs of the House of Representatives of the congress of the USA In the beginning of June. Approval by the congress, and also the senate is necessary to the document still. Besides, it should be signed the US president.
however experts notice that destiny of the bill of introduction the list Magnitsky despite unanimous approval at the given stage, on - former remains not clear. Barack Obama`s administration opposes to its acceptance from - for is brave to complicate American - the Russian relations. Earlier Russia has declared that will take similar measures in the answer.
it is remarkable that approval the list Magnitsky committee of the senate of the USA has passed against resignation of head FSIN of Russia. The day before the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has sent in Alexander Rejmera`s supervising Federal Agency of execution of punishments resignation, having appointed to Gennady Kornienko`s its place.