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B.Asad: Around one enemies

the Syrian president Bashar Asad has called the new cabinet for mobilisation of all forces to win war which is developed in territory of the country. A word war has sounded from it for the first time for all time of its public statements.
we live in the real state of war. Are surrounded from different directions. When someone is at war, all measures, all social classes, all sectors of economy should be directed on a victory in this war - has declared B.Asad.
the President has noticed that political stability and safety in the country will be possible only after the decision of social problems. He has added that economic strategy should be accurately defined and formulated - only so Syria can leave from a state of war .
Under B.Asada`s statement, the population lays hopes on the new government. In turn the state undertakes to provide with the finance all important branches of economy and to make active fight against corruption that between the population and officials direct confidential connection was established.
meanwhile the Syrian leader has subjected to criticism of action of the western states. the West always demands, but never gives nothing in exchange. It has been proved time and again earlier - has underlined B.Asad. Thus he has noticed that Syria would like to have good relations with all states, but a priority there is an observance of the state interests.
we will remind, in Syria since March 2011. Opposition of the authorities and opposition which demands B.Asada`s resignation proceeds, accusing the governmental forces of mass atrocities in relation to the peace population. Official Damascus asserts that under cover of democratic slogans in the country boss gangs of the armed terrorists Supported by foreign radical groupings of Islamites.