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The sunk ship has lifted from a bottom the migratory conflict of Australia

Incident with the sunk ship on which at the moment of wreck were about 150 illegal migrants, has had the further development - in Australia the question on the migratory policy of the country again is discussed.
the Australian opposition with new forces insists on renewal bezhenskogo camp on island Mauru in Pacific ocean - there sent those who asked from the political asylum country, up to definition of the legal status of the migrant.
the country government has reflected again on exchanging refugees with Malaysia. The information that the Australian party should send 800 migrants who have arrived on the sea earlier sounded. In turn Malaysia was obliged the next 4 years to dispose about sending of 4 thousand Australian refugees, transfers Bi - bi - si.
we Will remind, on Wednesday of the power of the country have informed that have received a signal about disaster from the ship in 200 km to the north from Christmas island. According to the representative of the Australian sea protection Joe Mihana, the survived passengers have been rescued by a trading vessel.
according to preliminary data, by the turned over ship there could be nearby 150 persons the majority from which are illegal migrants. The information on victims did not arrive yet. It is supposed that the vessel overload could become the ship-wreck reason.