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G.Kasparov: the Law Magnitsky - a failure reboots relations from the Russian Federation

the Committee of the senate of the USA on the international relations has unanimously approved the project the law Magnitsky .
the Document provides visa sanctions and freezing of bank accounts in the United States concerning 60 Russian officials presumably involved in tortures and death in the Moscow pre-trial detention centre of lawyer Sergey Magnitsky in 2009.
we Will note, earlier Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs predicted that reaction of Moscow will be complex, not one-dimensional and the extremely rigid .
Barack Obama`s Meeting with Vladimir Putin at summit G20 in Mexico became on June, 18th an evident reminder on a failure reboots the Russian politician and chess player Harry Kasparov in article for The Wall Street Journal writes.
All time spent for promotion of imagination that Medvedev - liberal alternative to Putin, was gone for nothing - he confirms.
that a prime question for Putin becomes the law Magnitsky the Russian management declared on the eve of a meeting.
for a Putin mode this amazing recognition. He has obviously considered it necessary to assure publicly the ordinary subordinates that will fight, protecting their riches acquired by unfair means and a way of life - it is told in article.
in the beginning of month the law Magnitsky has already met with approval of committee on the international affairs of the House of Representatives of the USA. The bill can come into force after the statement its both chambers and the president of the United States.
it is necessary to notice that approval the law Magnitsky committee of the senate of the USA has taken place against leaving of head FSIN of Russia. The day before president Vladimir Putin has sent in Alexander Rejmera`s supervising Federal Agency of execution of punishments resignation, having appointed to Gennady Kornienko`s its place.
we Will remind, in the list Magnitsky the Ministries of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexey Anichin, the chief of legal department of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, the former deputy chief SK the Ministry of Internal Affairs Oleg Logunov have entered were zamglavy the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and chief SK.
also in the list inspectors O.Silchenko, A.Matveev, G.Karlov, N.Vinogradova, A.Ryabinin, S.Olejnik, A.Malygin, O.Sapunova, V.Mihajlov, A.Gritsaj, A.Varganov, I.Dmitriev, N.Budilo, O.Urzhumtsev are registered.
Besides, some representatives GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow there have entered: A.Kuznetsov, A.Droganov, D.Tolmitsky, A.Krechetov, A.Klevtsov, A.Mihajlin, P.Karpov, I.Gluhov.
also retaliatory measures can be accepted concerning the chief of department of economic safety of FSB of the Russian Federation Victor Voronina and its subordinate Alexander Kuvaldina.
In the list Magnitsky representatives of Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow have entered: S.Gordeevsky, N.Jakimovich, S.Lazutkin, And. Drills, A.Mazhaev, A.Pechegin, V.Grin.
Also also tax specialists there appear: E.Himina, S.Zhemchuzhnikov, R.Burmistrova, A.Kuznetsova, J.Koltunova, O.Stepanova, O.Tsumaj, S.Dubrovsky, O.Davidov, E.Frolov, O.Shargorodsky, M.Tretjakov.
the list included workers of a pre-trial detention centre: the chief of a pre-trial detention centre Sailor`s silence where from - for untimely rendering of medical aid lawyer Sergey Magnitsky, Ivan Prokopenko and workers of the Pre-trial detention centre " has died; Butyrka D.Komnov, D.Kratov, L.Litvinova.
Finish the list Magnitsky the Russian judges: S.Podoprigorov, A.Krivoruchko, S.Uhnaleva, E.Stashina, G.Filippova, T.Korneyev, R.Gazizova, A.Yushkov, E.Kim, I.Salimzjanov and M.Zinurova.