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R.Kadyrov: In the Chechen Republic all is ready to early election

the First vitse - the prime minister of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov is convinced that in republic all is ready for carrying out of early election of the president. As he said, preparation has ended, conditions normal, all is made as it is necessary. From the point of view of safety all is made necessary, he has noted.
Ramzan Kadyrov has assured that after elections together with the government will retire, as that is demanded by the republic Constitution, and will wait for new appointment. It is ready to work on any place - there where it will be useful to the people. “ titles me do not interest, the main thing - to bring the maximum advantage to republic, the people both the new president and the government “ - R.Kadyrov, according to radio station " has underlined; Echo Moscow “.
In turn, the chairman of electoral committee of the Chechen Republic Abdul - Kerim Arsahanov also has confirmed that the republic is completely ready to elections. “ Election committees are ready on all of 100 %. All bulletins are delivered to places. We will make all to hold a normal democratic free election. An appearance we expect high “ - he has told, transfers TV channel “ Russia “.
Presidential election in the Chechen republic will take place on August, 29th. They are spent ahead of schedule in connection with  destruction on May, 9th Ahmad Kadyrov. In republic 430 polling districts are equipped. It is expected that the personal and political choice will make more a half-million the person.
we will note, the group of the international observers has gone today to the Chechen Republic for control over carrying out of early election of the president of republic. The group structure, in particular, includes representatives of Executive committee of the CIS, league of the Arabian states, the Organizations Islamic conference, the ambassador of Indonesia in Russia Susanto Fudzhomartuno. Also as a part of this delegation the special representative of the operating chairman of OSCE ambassador Ivan Naidyonov and the ambassador of Bulgaria in Russia Mircho Ivanov will go. Besides, as a part of delegation of observers there will be deputies of the State Duma, councillors of Federation and representatives of the Central Electoral Committee of Russia.
we will notice also that the vice-president of committee of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation on legal and judicial questions of Musa Umarov does not connect wreck of two planes in Russia with election campaign in the Chechen Republic. As he has declared on a press - the conference which have taken place on August, 25th, “ where and whatever it was made - everywhere search for the Chechen trace “.
M.Umarov has underlined that socially - a political situation in republic stable. “ power structures, first of all republic law-enforcement bodies, keep control of a situation, and it will be allowed to nobody to break forthcoming elections “ - M.Umarov has summed up.