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Beret under personal control coal mining

On all mines of Ukraine debts under salaries to miners completely are paid V.Jushchenko. President Victor Yushchenko has informed on it today on celebrations in Donetsk on the occasion of Day of the miner. Debts to miners reached 60 million dollars
V.Jushchenko connects lifting of coal branch with work of again created Ministry of the coal industry. “ the coal branch will be under my personal control “ - has assured V.Jushchenko. He has urged to develop the program of development of branch on 2005 - 2006γγ. “ It is the program from which lifting of coal branch in Ukraine " will begin; - the head of the state has told.
the president has charged to the minister of the coal industry and management of mines to spend personnel updating of branch. “ I do not want, that the branch was concerned by indifferent people, people with dirty hands “ - has noted V.Jushchenko.
it is necessary to note, besides that miners in Ukraine for years waited payments of debts under salaries, the situation on the Ukrainian mines is considered one of the most dangerous in the world - average depth of working out here exceeds 700 metres. Anywhere in the world coal on such depth is not extracted.
Besides, on 88 % of the Ukrainian mines danger of emission of methane is raised, on 53 % of mines danger of emission of coal, a coal dust and mountain blows, on 20 % of mines probably self-ignition of coal is great.
we will notice that since 1991 in failures on the Ukrainian mines were lost more than 500 persons.