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Russia is not ready to apply ballistic missiles against terrorists

the Minister of Defence of Russia Sergey Ivanov during visit to American state Alaska has carried on negotiations with the head of the Pentagon Donald Ramsfeld. Both parties have discussed the offer of the USA to apply intercontinental ballistic missiles to fight against terrorism.
it is a question of rockets without nuclear warheads, informs () Associated Press. The Russian Minister of Defence has not supported the initiative of the colleague. As he said, Russia is not ready yet to similar succession of events.
it is valid, opponents of the plan of D.Ramsfeld whom it is enough and in the USA, consider that in connection with such initiative there can be serious enough problem. For example, it will be almost impossible to define, whether there is at the ballistic missile started from the submarine a nuclear charge or not.
the Head of the Pentagon, truth, considers what to define, whether is the rocket nuclear, it will be possible within 30 minutes of its flight, however the Minister of Defence of Russia has answered that rocket flight can proceed and 10 minutes, and will resolve in this time all doubts is problematic.
D.Ramsfeld has not refused the idea and has suggested the Russian colleague to discuss the given initiative in Russia. I hope that my friend Sergey will call me and will tell that it is remarkable idea - the Minister of Defence of the USA has declared.
the Russian Minister of Defence, in turn, has noticed that the USA, most likely, need the similar weapon for drawing of preventive attacks on terrorists and has noticed that for existing problems it is possible to find various decisions.
the ABM system became one more important theme at negotiations of two ministers. About it the head of the Russian foreign policy department has noticed that its creation in the Eastern Europe Should be transparent .