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The senator of the USA has urged to replace the Russian peacemakers in Georgia

the American senator John McCain Being in Georgia has declared today at a briefing in Tbilisi that in the Georgian disputed zones it is necessary to replace the Russian peacemakers. time that they were replaced with peacemakers of OSCE or the European Union " has come; - he has told.
according to the senator, one more problem of Georgia is stay in its territory of the Russian military bases. though the USA and in the future will actively co-operate with Georgia for the decision of this question - he has underlined.
J. McCain remained is happy with level of carrying out of reforms in the country. As he said, citizens of Georgia had a chance to live better . President Saakashvili and its command do all that after revolutions of roses improvement was felt, and at them it turns out - the senator has told.
during visit to Georgia of J. McCain and group of the American senators have met in Tskhinvali the leader of South Ossetia Edward Kokojty. Visiting of South Ossetia the senator remained is dissatisfied and named its unproductive, in particular because the answer to a question has not been received: why in a disputed zone disturb activity of mission of OSCE .
the Situation with the Russian peacemakers in Georgia on - former remains difficult. Official Tbilisi continues to accuse a peace-making contingent of the Russian Federation of various infringements. In particular, two weeks ago the Minister of Defence of Georgia Irakly Okruashvili has declared that the Georgian positions in Kodorsky gorge are exposed to bombardments from a post of the Russian peacemakers.
head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia George Mandzhgaladze has declared that the Georgian village Kvabchara in the top part of Kodorsky gorge daily was exposed to bombardments as from the party supervised by the Abkhazian authorities, and from a post of peacemakers.
the Representative of the Ministry of Defence of Russia Vyacheslav Sedov named statements of the Georgian authorities about bombardments insolvent.