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J. Bush: the USA will help to construct with Moldova democracy

US president George Bush has declared that the United States completely support Moldova in its efforts on construction of democracy and dynamical market economy, consolidation of the state institutes and maintenance of the best life for all Moldavian citizens.
as have informed in a press - service of the head of the Moldavian state, about it it is told in the congratulatory telegramme, which J. Bush has directed to the president of Moldova Vladimir Voroninu on the occasion of 15 - letija independence of republic.
the US president has underlined that the Moldavian people have made considerable efforts for democracy strengthening in the country and performance of a constructive role behind its limits. In the congratulatory message of the US president it is noticed also that America firmly supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Moldova.
On behalf of the American people I direct you and the people of Moldova the warmest wishes of the world and well-being, I hope for strengthening continuation American - the Moldavian friendship - it is told in the message of J. Bush.
we will notice that the day before between two countries the agreement on which the USA will give to Moldova the additional help at a rate of 1 million 002 thousand 965 dollars for strengthening of leadership of the law and on development of law enforcement bodies of republic has been signed.
official Kishinev informs that the document provides development of consulting services in legal problems in the country, directed on strengthening of leadership of the law and corruption reduction that will help law enforcement bodies of Moldova to struggle with human trafic and corruption. Also it is provided to direct means for reforming of the criminal legislation of the country.
we Will remind, two weeks before it became known that the European commission (EK) has made the decision to allocate to Kishinev the financial help at a rate of 10 million euro for support of the budget of republic. These means are given to republic within the limits of the program of food safety on 2006.
Besides, executive council of the International currency fund (IMF) has confirmed the new three-year agreement with Moldova in which frameworks the republic will receive soft loans for the sum of 118,2 million dollars
Acting on the occasion of 15 - letija independence, V.Voronin has declared that Moldova has taken place not simply as the state, and as a society, as economy, as the country with the recognised shape . The head of the Moldavian state has underlined that in the history of Moldova each step - from formation of own legislation, monetary system to army and foreign policy - was step of huge novelty, powerful creativity and unprecedented responsibility.