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The Air Forces of the Russian Federation: Planes of distant aircraft fly without the weapon

Planes of distant aircraft Military - air forces (Air Forces) of Russia during air patrol of the weapon, including nuclear, onboard have no. Such statement has made today at a briefing in a press - club of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation the commander 37 - j Air army of Distant aircraft the general - major Pavel Androsov, the service of the information and public relations of the Air Forces of the Russian Federation gives.
“ with the nuclear weapon during air patrol we do not fly, onboard it is not present. Onboard our planes there is only an educational weapon which allows to fulfil all educational problems “ - the commander has explained. “ we carry out of a problem air, instead of fighting patrol “ - he has added.
P.Androsov has noticed that renewal since August, 17th 2007ك. Air patrol of planes of distant aircraft in remote areas allows to fulfil following educational elements: Launch with the maximum loading, flight on the maximum radius and refuelling in air.
speaking about meetings with planes of the countries of the NATO at performance of such flights, the commander has told: “ Our dialogue in air happens humeral. During flights on August, 17th we met our colleagues in air that corresponding photos confirm. On them all is visible up to smiles “. According to P.Androsov, “ such work will be continued with intensity which will be allowed “.
During doctrines of distant aircraft on August, 17th in air there were 17 planes, including in air space over water area of Atlantic ocean strategic rocket carriers They flied are 160, That is 95جر, air refuellers Silt - 78 and fighters the Instant - 31. Speaking about prospects of combat training of distant aircraft, the commander has told: “ We flied, we fly and we will fly there where it is necessary for preparation of our pilots “.
answering a question, what cost of renewal of patrol by planes of distant aircraft, the commander has told: “ Avaricious pays twice. If we are not put in preparation of pilots then it is necessary to spend more for economy restoration “.
P.Androsov did not begin to compare fighting possibilities of the Russian distant aircraft to strategic aircraft of the USA, having noticed that “ at us always was and there will be a parity with our colleagues both on arms, and on preparation “.
we Will remind, on August, 17th of this year the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin declared that Russia on a constant basis renews flights of strategic aircraft for control of air space which have been interrupted in 1992ك. Planes of strategic distant aircraft have renewed flights over water areas of Silent, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic oceans.