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The British armies remain in Iraq, despite losses

the Prime minister - the minister of Great Britain Gordon Brown has informed that London does not intend to disengage the armies from Basra in southern Iraq, even despite increasing losses of the British contingent.
in the post card Liberally - democratic party of the country Menzisu Kempbellu which has called recently for a withdrawal of British troops from Iraq in connection with growing quantity of victims among the British military men, G.Brown has declared to the leader that the British contingent carries out the problems put before it on safety in Iraq according to the international obligations accepted by Great Britain, and the withdrawal of troops will lead to their infringement.
our country together with other representatives of the world community has taken up obligations on maintenance of economic and political development of Iraq, and not in our interests simply so to refuse these obligations - quotes words of British prime minister Reuters.
we Will remind, critics of participation of the British armies in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan refer to the number which has increased lately of losses among the British military men. During the current year at least 41 soldiers was lost during mission in Iraq that has already exceeded annual losses of the British armies from the war beginning in Iraq in 2003.
Now the contingent of Great Britain in Iraq totals about 5 thousand the military men which most part is deployed on military base in Basra in the south of the country. In 2006. The management of Great Britain has deduced about 2 thousand 200 military men from Iraq after the British command has declared that military presence of their country at Iraq has ceased to influence positively a situation round the Iraq safety.
the Iraq insurgents will represent a withdrawal of British troops from Basra as defeat, recently American military expert Stefen Bibbl has declared, making comments on messages on possible leaving of British from southern Iraq. it will be a heavy conclusion. They want to show a picture of defeat of Great Britain. It will be awful and inconvenient - he has told, having warned that in this connection the increase in quantity of attacks at the British soldiers in Basra is expected.
it is curious that at the introduction into a post of premieres - the minister of Great Britain Gordon Brown has declared that the British military men will be to avoid, whenever possible, armed conflicts, and has promised to provide the world and stability in the country with investments into economy of Iraq. At the same time he has underlined that one of the reasons of a finding of armies of allies in Iraq is the threat proceeding from Al - Kajedy and in case of their leaving the situation there definitively leaves the country from - under control.