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Abdulla Gjul became selected by the president of Turkey

the President of Turkey Abdulla Gjul holding a post of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the country. It has been selected by majority of votes in Great national meeting of Turkey (Turkish parliament), transfers Reuters referring to representatives of party in power of justice and development.
we will remind, in the second round of presidential election in Turkey which has taken place on August, 24th of this year, A.Gjul has not collected parliamentary votes necessary for a victory. For election of the head of the state it is required to two third of voices of members of parliament, i.e. 367 of 550. Then for it 337 persons have voted. In the first round of presidential election which has taken place on August, 20th of this year, A.Gjul has received 341 voice.
A.Gjul is the candidate from moderate Islamic Party of justice correcting in the country and the development, accused Turkish opposition in attempts islamizatsii societies.
As a result of recent parliamentary elections the Party of justice and development has received 341 place in parliament. Last attempt to elect A.Gjulja on a post of the president in May 2007. Has provoked political crisis - under the pressure of military men voting results have been challenged, and in the country have passed preschedule parliamentary elections.
opposition forces of Turkey which according to the constitutional system is the secular state, repeatedly expressed fears that on a post of the head of republic of A.Gjul the expert will support islamizatsiju societies and restoration religious, which have been legislatively separated from a state policy since time of reforms of the first president of Turkey by Mustafy Kemalja (known as Ataturk) in 30 - h years of last century.
however itself And. Gjul during the election campaign has promised to support sekuljarnomu to a system of republic and has declared that strengthening of foreign policy influence of Turkey and the introduction of the country into the European Union become its main tasks.
we will add that the prime minister - the minister of Turkey Redzhep Tajip Erdogan intends to submit to structure of the new cabinet consideration of the president of the country on August, 29th 2007.
On this R.T.Erdogan has informed today right after how results of presidential election in Turkish parliament became known.