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M.Ahmadinezhad: Iran the President of Iran Mahmud Ahmadinezhad did not slow down development of the nuclear program

has denied widespread earlier given that Iran has slowed down development of the nuclear program under the influence of negotiations with the International agency on atomic energy (IAEA). This data does not represent the facts - M.Ahmadinezhad in a course a press - conferences in Teheran has told, transfers Reuters.
we Will remind, in July of this year the head of IAEA Mohammed El - Baradei has declared that Iran has reduced amount of works on installation of centrifuges for enrichment of the uranium used within the limits of the nuclear program of the country. Making comments on this information, M.Ahmadinezhad has informed that Iran has reached full efficiency in work of the nuclear fuel cycles on uranium enrichment.
Besides, the president of Iran has once again warned the West against intervention in development of the Iranian atomic engineering, and also in dialogue of Teheran from IAEA. Interaction of Iran with the international inspectors has been characterised by M.Ahmadinezhadom as unprecedented owing to that any of 140 member countries of IAEA did not co-operate with inspectors in such volume, as Iran .
Now it became definitively clear that activity of Iran on atomic engineering development represents the peace purposes and is spent in full conformity with IAEA rules - has specified M.Ahmadinezhad, having summarised: Iran is today nuclear Iran .
In this context it will be pertinent to remind that recently Iran has started manufacture new the clever rocket a class air - the earth .
According to the Minister of Defence of the country Mostafy Mohammeda Nadzhara, guided missile Qased ( the Envoy ) Has been developed with use the most advanced technologies . It can be started from fighters F - 4 and F - 5 on such distance that enemy means of antimissile defence cannot amaze planes.
the minister has underlined that the such arms are necessary for the country for protection in case of intrusion. He also believes that this technics will help to provide the world, stability and safety in Near-Eastern region . We will notice that here some months in mass-media regularly there is an information on preparing intrusion of the USA to Iran. Warms up hearings contingent increase in the next Iraq and Afghanistan.
the maneuvers spent military - naval forces of the USA in Persian gulf became one more argument in favour of that Washington tends to the power decision of the conflict to Teheran, in this spring. Two aircraft carriers, two fighting groups of the ships of the basic class have taken part in them and more than hundred the military planes fulfilling variants of operations near to coast of Iran. Many analysts thereupon consider one more war in Persian gulf more than probable.
in the circumstances the Iranian politicians often enough do rather loud statements. Lately in the country the big military doctrines, the largest - in the end of February of this year Then elite parts of the Iranian army - cases " were some times spent; Guards of Islamic revolution - have spent land maneuvers in 16 of 30 provinces of Iran. 20 military divisions have been involved in doctrines by an aggregate number to 60 thousand military men. Also Teheran periodically informs on creation of the new arms, capable to reject worthy pressure to the American aggressors .