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D.Milibend: Russia should not begin new cold war

Russia it is not necessary to begin new cold war. Such opinion has stated, addressing to the Ukrainian students in Kiev on Wednesday, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Great Britain David Milibend. According to the head of the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russia operates on caucasus from a force position, and has accused her of attempts perekroit a region card.
the president of Russia has declared that is not afraid of new cold war. We do not want cold war, and it bears the big share of responsibility for that it has not begun - has noted D.Milibend. The minister has added that input of the Russian armies on territory of Georgia has destroyed geopolitical calmness in region. Russia has received military benefits, but can lose much in political and economic spheres. As he said, Moscow should change the course if wants to achieve the present respect and influence in the world, transfers Associated Press.
D. Milibend has critically passed an opinion on a possible exception of Russia from G8 (G8), however has noticed that relations of the West with Moscow should be reconsidered and about it. As he said, in the near future conference of Ministers for Foreign Affairs " will be called; the big seven - unprecedented event from the moment of acceptance of Russia in club of the most developed democratic states.
we will notice that, according to political analysts, such sanctions as the exception from G8 or freezing of negotiations on acceptance of Russia in the WTO, does not represent absolutely any threat to interests of the country. So, WTO membership, according to experts, would bring benefit only to half of Russian economy, and the summits G8 represent only meeting of diplomatic club. Exception of such club of the country in many respects defining destiny of the world, not in interests of the world community, experts mark.
economists also consider that isolation of Russia by the West is impossible. So, the rector of the Russian economic school Sergey Guriev doubts the international isolation. probably, large investment projects will be frozen, - he has shared. - but that Russia will cease to import or export products, the goods and services, seems to me improbable. Plus should be remembered that Russia now not the pure importer, but also and the exporter of the foodstuffs, including grain and olive, therefore Russia is in safe enough condition .
we Will remind, on August, 26th D.Milibend has expressed the sharp aversion of the decision of the Russian Federation about a recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia and has urged the international community to take the answer-back measures. Earlier on Wednesday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain has declared that Categorically does not accept the decision of Russia to recognise independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. According to the department, the given decision of the Russian Federation contradicts obligations which were incurred by Russia within the limits of UN Security Council resolutions .