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B.Obama the candidate for US presidents

Senator Barack Obama became officially selected by the candidate for US presidents from Democratic party. The corresponding decision was accepted at congress in Denver, transfers Associated Press.
a bit later by the official candidate for vice-presidents of the USA from Democratic party the senator from the State of Delaware 65 - summer Joseph Bajden has been confirmed.
the candidate from Republican Party John McCain becomes B.Obama`s Competitor.
B.Obama`s former competitor at a preliminary stage of presidential race to the USA, the senator from New York Hillari Clinton has urged Democratic party to rally round B.Obama for a general victory.
irrespective of, whether you voted for me or for the Barrack, time has come to rally in uniform force with the uniform purpose - has begun the speech H.Clinton. Barack Obama - my candidate, and it should become our president - she has told.
In spite of the fact that the decision of congress of the American democrats has only formal character, its historical value in any way cannot be denied. B.Obama, thus, became the first black candidate for presidents of the country where still all several decades ago descendants of natives of Africa had no vote.
we will notice that some political scientists consider that B.Obama`s arrival to the White house will mark itself new, soft foreign policy of the USA. However, according to a number of other political analysts, in case of B.Obama`s arrival to the power, Washington it becomes completely not obligatory to behave more peacefully.
So, Joe Bajdena`s statement as the vice-president speaks about much, and first of all about B.Obama`s intention to toughen the approach to Russia after its operation in Georgia. In a course prajmeriz Joe Bajden named strengthening of Russia by a call for the USA.
on Wednesday, making comments on a recognition Russia independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, B. Obama has urged the United States to call immediately session of the UN Security Council and to take out the international condemnation to actions of Moscow. He has declared that last steps of Moscow do impossible ratification in the congress of the USA American - the Russian cooperation agreement in the field of civil nuclear technologies.
we will remind, B.Obama following the results of prajmeriz has won a victory over H.Clinton in July of this year. Elections of the American president will take place on November, 4th, 2008.