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D.Medvedev has thanked the countries SHOS for understanding

the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has expressed gratitude to colleagues on the Shanghai organisation of cooperation (SHOS) for understanding and an objective estimation of peace-making efforts undertaken by Russia . The head of the state has made such statement at the organisation summit in Dushanbe.
according to D.Medvedev, the uniform position of members SHOS will serve as that serious signal who tries to justify aggression of Georgia against South Ossetia. He has noticed that now proceed attempts to provide national interests power methods, and the Georgian aggression against South Ossetia " became an example of such irresponsible criminal acts;.
the Russian president has underlined: It well-known, who tolerated the authorities of Georgia and even incited them, pursuing the mercenary aims . In these extreme conditions, according to D.Medvedev, the country leaders Has kept endurance and continues the responsible and predicted policy .
Meanwhile many experts notice that reaction of members SHOS to actions of Russia has turned out rather constrained. And though members of the organisation have expressed understanding in connection with last decisions of the Kremlin, to go on confrontation with the West and to recognise Abkhazia and South Ossetia all of them have not dared.
according to the western mass-media, in an advantageous position in this case there is China which thanks to new political realities will try to strengthen the position in the Central Asia, actively advancing the projects in republics of the former USSR.
SHOS - the regional organisation created in 2001. Its members are Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizia. As observers at the organisation summits there are representatives of India, Mongolia, Iran, Pakistan.