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The EU countries intend to discuss sanctions against Russia

On the threshold of the summit of the European union coming on September, 1st possible sanctions concerning Russia will be discussed. Such statement was made by the head of foreign policy department of France Bernard Kushner.
the Minister for Foreign Affairs of France, however, did not begin to specify, which sanctions intend to discuss heads of EU member states, reports Reuters. Also it is not known, whether this question will be brought in the agenda, or all will be limited to preliminary consultations.
we will remind that on August, 25th of this year B.Kushner has declared that EU does not discuss introduction of sanctions concerning Russia in connection with the conflict to Tbilisi. He has noticed that problems remain however about sanctions speech does not go .
France is operating chairman of EU. The president of this country Nicolas Sarkozy has suggested to organise in Bruxelles on September, 1st of this year Meeting for discussion of the help to the Georgian party and tactics of the further relations with Moscow.
it is necessary to notice that until recently in the European Union there was no uniform point of view on events on caucasus. With unconditional support of Georgia have acted while Poland and the countries of Baltic. The hard line concerning Russia was occupied with Great Britain and France. As to other states they prefer while to declare about necessities to observe territorial integrity of Georgia and also about a regret the decision accepted in Moscow to recognise Abkhazia and South Ossetia, expecting to continue nevertheless dialogue with Russia.